A day with me

Interested in an immersion half-day in the nature? Wishing to develop technical approaches of wild animals or photographic techniques?

Come to take part in your personal coaching half-day. Our journey begins either at sunrise or at the beginning of the afternoon to enjoy the sunset. Birds and mammals will be waiting for you, but it is also possible to cross the tiny world of insects.
Enthusiast or semi-professional, this experience suits all levels and any type of photographic equipment.
The goal is to help you to compose your image with the environment that is surrounding you, refine your glance and play with the light. It will also be question to familiarize yourself with your photo equipment and acquire new knowledge on the photographed animals.

The coaching is individual, you will therefore be alone by my side to receive theoretical and practical advice to be able to achieve quality shots.
You are a group? No worries, I can also make room for you! Just contact me for more details.